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Being your strategic partner in healtcare IT Solution, GEVIO is ready to be the leader in the field and bring your hospital to the information Based Medicine, a phase when hospitals really deliver a personalized healtcare


A Patient-Focused EMR
Providing you with a comprehensive patient-focused Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system is simply our objective. we are here to support your hospital to represent a new paradigm in healtcare information system. By making it an easy to use and easy to share information, our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system can help your hospital deliver a high quality service in managing your patient-care
This is where GevioHealtcare comes in

when a patient come with chief complaints, physician starts to record them with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) device. Through the device, physician is able to record the patient’s medical information such as HOPI (History of Present Illness) and Physical exam. Any vital signs also symthoms information are then measured and recorded by nurse. Based on patiest’s symthoms physicians make an preliminary diagnosis.

Main Functionalities

  • Cheif Complaints
  • HOPI (History of Present Illness)
  • Review of Symthoms
  • Physical Examination
  • Vital Signs
  • Body Diagram
  • Differential Diagnosis

Laboratory technician, Imaging technician and pharmacist automatically receive the CPOE orders to conduct the examinations and drugs dispensing. All clinical administration processes such as, drugs and vital sign monitoring are executed by Nurse.

Main Functionalities

  • Job Order Realization
  • Drug Dispensing
  • Drug Administration
  • Monitoring Administration
  • Other Exam Administration

To some patients, physician, preliminary diagnosis might generate fhurter examnination, such as laboratory or imaging exam, presribed medication, vaccination, vital sign monitoring and any other exams. Through CPOE (Computerized physician order entry), the process of entering examination orders are done electronically to laboratory or imaging tehcnician, nurses and any relaed departments. The use of a CPOE system could help to reduce medical errors.

Main Functionalities

  • Laboratory
  • Imaging
  • Other Examination
  • Medication
  • Vaccination
  • Vital Signs Monitoring

After reviewing diagnostic result, physicians are able to issue final discharge diagnoses and give discharge instructions to patients.

Main Functionalities

  • Review results
  • Final Diagnosis
  • Discharge Instruction
  • Referral Note
  • Physician Discharge
  • Episode Summary

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An enterprise Resources CARE Solutions, a fully integrated system that consist of four main modules; Enterprise Operation Plan (EOP);Admission, Discharge & Transfer (ADT); Electronic Medical Records (EMR), & Finance and Costing (FAC), The basic idea of this solution is not only for the sick patient but also for the healty patient.

Admission, Discharge & Transfer
An integrated patient management system covers the entire patient workflow, from administration process until patient discharge including billing and charges. The system is fully integrated with other modules, taking care the necessary administration procedures for in-patient, out-patient and emergency.

  • Patient Management
  • Material Management
  • Bed Management
  • Diagnostic Support Realization
  • Tariff & Costing
  • Billing & Charges

Enterprise Operation Plan
Assist your hospital to arrange an adequate and effective strategic business plan by integrating operational visibility and financial desirebility

  • Forecast & Budget Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Distribution Requirement Planning
  • Rough-cut capacity planning
  • Advance Planning & Scheduling
  • >

Electronic Medical Record
The digitized version of paper based medical record, created in an hospital environment by clinical specialities, such as physician and nurses, which provides clinical information to improve quality of services and diagnosis. The main function of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is to adopt physician and nurses daily practices and helps hospital to build standard clinical guidelines.

  • Physician and Nurse Dashboard
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Medical Record
  • Clinical Guidance
  • Diagnstics Support CPOE
  • Medication - Drug Alerts
  • Risk Factor Assesment
  • Nursing Care Plan
  • Clinical Charts
  • Episode Summary Reports

Finance & Costing
Provide capability to manage financial, assets and cost accounting processes to achieve hospital efficiency by controling expences, income and revenue sharing. Our finance and costing modules also compare your budget versus actual expences.

  • Financial Information & reporting
  • Cash Management
  • Accounting General Ledger
  • Asset Management
  • Costing Management

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