Siemens Automation

Heating burners must be monitored by an approved control system to ensure that it really ignites on start-up and that the flame then continues to burn without interruption until controlled shutdown.

The flame detectors are used for the supervision of gas flames, yellow- or blue-burning oil flames and for ignition spark proving.

A reliable, continuous power supply is essential for efficient systems operation, and Siemens offers a complete, perfectly coordinated range of capabilities to meet these requirements.

SIRIUS overload relays with screw-type, spring-loaded or ring cable lug connections reliably protect loads as well as other switching and protective devices in the respective load feeder against overload, phase asymme

3RN1 thermistor motor protection relays offer substantial advantages wherever current-dependent protection with circuit-breakers or overload relays is simply not enough: in certain situations overheating of a motor ma

SIRIUS 3RV Motor Starter Protectors up to 100 A

The broad range for motor protection: Overload relays and circuit breakers for every application.

The innovative range for the frequent switching of resistive loads and motors.

The ideal soft starter for Every Application

Our SIRIUS contactor range offers everything for switching industrial loads: Contactors and ready-to-use contactor assemblies for switching motors and special applications

The broad SIRIUS range for complete switching of industrial loads: From contactors, contactor assemblies to soft starters up to solid-state switching devices for frequent switching of resistive loads and motors

Measuring Systems are rotary systems (encoders) for sensing the position, angle and speed or velocity on machines.