Gevio Solusi Access Control

GEVIO Keypad Access Con-troller AR-757HB

  • Gevio Standalone Networking Access Cotroller
  • EM Standard- Frequency 125Khz
  • Reading Range 10-18 Cm
  • Power Supply 9-16VDC
  • User Capacity : 1024 Users (M4/M8) / 65.000 Users (M6)
  • Event Log 3000
  • External Reader WG26/34
  • Support AntiPasback
  • Communication Interface : RS-485- Protection Standard : IP54
  • Keypad Material : Rubber

GEVIO Long Range Wiegand Reader AR-661UG (922-928MHz)
Ideal for outdoor applications. Standard Wiegand Interface to controller. Cost-effective UHF long read range passive tags. Compatible with all standard Access Control Systems

GEVIO Proximity Controller AR-723 (H)
Selectable working frequencies: 125kHz/ 13.56MHz. User capacity: 1,024; Event log: 1,200. Including the input of door contact, of-fering the alarm system of both door opening too long and being forced to open. Built-in Multi-Output: Door Lock/ Alarm/ Security trigger signal. Have the “MASTER CARD” functions, convenient operation.

GEVIO Metal Frame Standalone Networking 2 Door Access Controller AR-725EBRA1B3-V2
GEVIO Metal Frame Standalone Networking 2 Door Access Controller. ISO14443A. Frequency 125 Khz. Power Supply 9-16VDC. Included AR-MDLRJ45 (Connector RJ-45)

Touch-less infared Sensor / Push Button AR-PBI-8B
Perfect comply with any sanitary condi-tions for medical industry, food industry and lab so on. Encoded signal prevent interferences from nearby radiant light sources.

GEVIO LCD Access Controller AR-829 (E-V5)
RS-485 and TCP/IP communication interface. User capacity: 16,000; Event logs: 32,000. 2 control modes: M4/ M8. Access Mode: Card Only, Card or PWD, Card and PWD. 63 auto-open zone settings and 16 sets of Auto-Open Zone editable

GEVIO Keypad Access Controller AR-721HBR
Gevio Standalone Networking Access Cotroller. User Capacity : 1024 Users (M4/M8) / 65.000 Users (M6). Event Log 1200. External Reader WG26/34. Reading Range 10-18 Cm. Power Supply 9-16VDC.

GEVIO Metal Proximity Reader AR-331UBX3111-S
Gevio Proximity Reader 125K / WG. Weatherproof. Metal Frame

Relay Output Module /16-Floors Lift Controller AR-401RO16BNC
ControlCommunication: RS-485. 16 Form C Re-lay Output. 16 COM. were dispatched 16 Relay. N.O./ N.C. select via Jumper. Meet the in Taiwan fire regulations standards

GEVIO Do not Disturb Switch(Outdoor) A R-PB-321-3A
Outside the room, has a doorbell button and two status lights(clean serves and do not disturb)

GEVIO Room System Digital Door Lock (RF Card) AR-323DDR1NBC
Avalaible for Standalone and Networking System. Built-in SOR Mifare Andvantages : Set up Expiry Date, Value Stored Capability and Global Access Control, Capability to execute the commands of Mifare Card. Built-in Calender. Door Alarm Prompt (Unclosed and Force-Open). Capability to Unlock by Mechanical Key. External a battery to emergency power support

GEVIO Standalone Networking LCD 2 Door Access Controller AR-727EDRA121-VS
Frequency 13.56 Mhz. Reading Range 2-5 Cm. User Capacity : 16.000 Users (M4/M8). External Reader WG26/34. Communication Interface : RS-485 & Ethernet. ISO14443A. Power Supply 9-16VDC.

LCD Fingerprint Access Controller AR-821 (EF-V5)
Optional Access Mode: Finger Print / RF Tag / Pin Code. Built-in 16 set of Alarm and 120 days of Holliday setting. Capacity to connetc with fire call point to release all doors under emergency. Support Network Redudancy by dual communication interface, TCP /IP and RS-485. Fingerprint Sensor can option the Optical Sen-sor (DO) or the Capasitive Sensor (MT).

GEVIO MIFARE Programmer AR-725 (P)
Supports auto error checking and backup/restore functions. Allows controlling via PC software. Easily integrates with any customized software. Supports GEVIO Open Sys-tem Rules (SOR)

GEVIO Proximity Card AR-TAGCI3-W50F-MF07
Mifare Economy MF07 (1Kbyte) EEPROM. Printable. w/ RoHS

GEVIO Door Hinge (cable) AR-321DH4-C-114
HInges between door gate and door frame with 4 cables through. Dimension : 114mm(L) & 114mm(W)

GEVIO Standalone Net-working Metal Access Controller AR-321HBR1111-T
Gevio Standalone Networking Metal Access Controller. Reading Range 7-8 Cm. User Capacity : 3000 Users (M4/M8) / 65.000 Users (M6). Event Log 1500. Protection Standard : IP56. Zinc Alloy Housing Material.

LCD Fingerprint Access Controller AR-837 (EF)
Built-in Door Bell button. Optional for Built-in Voice module. Weatherproof Design for Out door use. Mul-tiple Acces Modos: Fingerprint / RF Tag / PIN Code. Optional for Buit-in HID module and HID compatible. Capacity to connect with fire call point to release all doors under emergency. Support Network Redudancy by dual communication interface TCP/IP and RS-485

GEVIO Proximity Controller AR-737HBX1221
Proximity Reader. 125Khz. Rs485 & WG Changeable. Waterproof

GEVIO Serial to Ethernet Device Server AR-727CM-V3
1kB queue input and output buffer. Controller connect directly to the networking, does not require conversion by the computer. Surge protection : 16 kV. Able to link readers and PC to achieve Networking Access Control.

Touch-less infared Sensor Module AR-PBI-MDL
Perfect comply with any sanitary conditions for medical industry, food industry and lab so on. Built-in limit switch for power failed usage. User can adjust the sensor range and sensitivity.

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